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  • Mundivie Amaretto Dream is a liqueur with a history dating back to Italy, with a sweet, slightly bitter taste. It has a beautiful amber color. Amaretto is the main ingredient in many drinks. It is also often used as an addition to coffee, chocolate, desserts and cakes. Taste and smell: sweet almond. Mundivie - Amaretto Dream 20% Vol.

  • Mundivie Cucumber & Basil Dream is an unusual liqueur produced on the basis of basil distillate and with the addition of green cucumber aroma. Thanks to the addition of sugar and dye, we were able to bring out the characteristic taste and smell of this refreshing cucumber and basil. Taste and smell: refreshing, cucumber-basil. Mundivie - Cucumber...

  • Mundivie Orange & Elderflower Dream is a liqueur with the taste of ripe orange peels and fresh elderflower inflorescences, which is a very interesting combination. Taste and smell: sweet, orange with a hint of elderflower. Mundivie - Orange & Elderflower Dream 20% Vol.

  • Mundivie Blue Curaçao Dream 16% vol. is a sweet orange liqueur with a blue color. It owes its name to a variety of bitter oranges, which in turn took their name from the place of original cultivation - one of the islands of the Antilles - Curaçao. The intense blue color is due to the tasteless blue dye. Mundivie – Blue Curaçao Dream 16% Vol.

  • Mundivie Ginger & Lemongrass Dream is a dry ginger-flavored liqueur with the addition of lemongrass aroma. It is characterized by a beautiful golden color and its taste is distinguished by notes of spicy, raw ginger and lemon peel. Taste and smell: spicy, ginger with a delicate hint of lemon. Mundivie - Ginger & Lemongrass Dream 20% Vol.

  • Mundivie Peach Dream is a sweet liqueur with a peach flavor. The concentrated, highly fruity taste of juicy peach makes it perfect both in pure form, with ice or as an ingredient of many drinks and desserts. Taste and smell: sweet, peach. Mundivie - Peach Dream 20% Vol.

  • Mundivie Cocos Dream is a sweet, colorless liqueur with a clear and clean coconut aroma. It is the basis for creating many fruity, tropical cocktails. Taste and smell: sweet, coconut. Mundivie - Cocos Dream 20% Vol.

  • Mundivie Melon Dream is a tropical, light, refreshing liqueur with a sweet melon flavor. Taste and smell: sweet, melon. Mundivie - Melon Dream 20% Vol.

  • Mundivie Triple Sec Dream is a colorless, sweet liqueur with an orange flavor. It is characterized by a mild and clean taste of bittersweet orange peels. Taste and smell: bittersweet, orange. Mundivie - Triple Sec Dream 40% Vol.

  • Mundivie Crème de Bananes Dream is a sweet banana liqueur ideal for preparing sunny, holiday drinks. It is characterized by a pleasant, banana aroma and taste as well as a warm, yellow color. Taste and smell: sweet, banana. Mundivie - Crème De Bananes Dream 20% Vol.

  • Apsinthion Grand De Luxe is absinthe with 68% alcohol content, manufactured on the basis of a herbal composition, including wormwood, aniseed, coriander, angelica and fennel. The essence of taste and aroma is obtained in the process of maceration of the ingredients in the highest-quality alcohol. The product is aged in oak barrels. Apsinthion Grand De...

  • Apsinthion Tobacco is an absinthe with a 55% alcohol content, flavoured with tobacco leaves. It is produced on the basis of infusing with herbs and spices, including wormwood and angelica, obtained through maceration in the highest-quality alcohol, enriched with the aroma of tobacco leaves. Apsinthion Tobacco 55%

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