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Bacon 100g

Cooked Pork Ham 100g. 

Product and packaging information:

Gluten free.

Packaging: Vacuum

Manufactured in EU.

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The history of Pekpol Ostroleka dates back 40 years. Since the beginning of its operation, the company has been one of the biggest industry plants in Poland. Pekpol Ostroleka haas well-developed machinery, which includes: downstream slicing line for cutting red meat, meats slicing line, packaging line for packing products in cartons. The modernization and introduction of new technologies is not the only factor that determined the Pekpol's success. An important element is to preserve the tradition and perennial recipes. Products offered are adapted to the changing market and consumer needs. Products are packaged in the form convenient for the customer: map, vac, catering packaging, cartons. The offer also includes products for restaurants and hotels - in large, economical packages.