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  • MIODULA Presidential Blend is a honey-based vodka, maturing in barrels made of Polish oak. This allows to obtain a product of stable aromatic-flavour characteristics. Oak wood contains a large amount of aromatic compounds, giving MIODULA its exceptional, traditional and unique aroma. Miodula Presidential Blend 40 % Vol.

  • MIODULA Premium Distilled Gin is made from 9 botanicals individually distilled in small batches: - fresh citrus fruits (sweet oranges and whole lemons) from Spain - juniper berries and iris root from Italy - Coriander from Morocco - angelica root, cardamom pods and licorice root from India - whole vanilla pods from Madagascar - honey. MIODULA Distilled...

  • MIODULA Awangarda is a limited version of the Original Aged MIODULA Presidential with the addition of Cognac. It was created as a tribute to the Polish avant-garde, the art of the 20th century, which rejected all previous styles, creating the so-called "own world", looking for a separate way of expression.  Honey sediment may occur. Serve chilled or...

  • MIODULA Polish Vodka is made from the best rye spirit coming exclusively from Poland. It matures in 225-liter barrels made of Polish oak. The product is made of alcohol obtained exclusively from traditional Polish cereals, all production stages of which take place in Poland. The product contains honey. MIODULA Polish Vodka 40 % Vol.

  • MIODULA Espresso is a liqueur prepared from a combination of the well-known and valued Original Aged MIODULA Prezydencka with the addition of the highest quality Italian coffee. It surprises with a rich taste and a pleasantly warming finish. Honey and coffee deposits may appear. Shake before consumption.  MIODULA Espresso 30 % Vol.

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