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  SIAL Innovation award for LEI Apple Juice

In 2019 we will be participating in:

17-20 March: IFE - London

24-26 April: Food & Hotel Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh City

7-10 May: Hofex - Hong Kong

14-16 May: SIAL China - Shanghai

21-24 May: Seul Food & Hotel - Seoul 

15-18 August: Food Expo  - Hong Kong

We are a family company from Poland producing high quality NFC fruits juices and the exclusive representative of many well-known food producers from Poland.

We offer you top shelf products successfully sold in Europe and Asia. Our biggest groups of products are: fruits, fresh juices, organic products, isotonic drinks, meat, alcohol and preserves.

We seek cooperation with, and provide special offers for hotels, as well as restaurants. So far, we have been cooperating with multiple companies in Hong Kong and Thailand. We aspire to continue introducing our product to markets in Asia.

Poland, with an annual production of 3 million tons, is the first producer of apples in Europe. The main varieties are Idared, Szampion, Jonagored, Gloster, the Golden Delicious and Gala Royal and Must.

Besides the production sold in national market, apples of table or apples used for the production of juices and concentrates of juice, big quantities are exported to the countries of the European Union and Russia, this last imports nearly half a million tons yearly from Poland.

Unlike reconstituted juices, that are made from concentrate, NFC juices have unique nutritional and ecological characteristics. The natural apple juice is obtained from healthy and good quality apples, which are cold pressed. After that the juice is slightly pasteurized at a temperature of 80oC ,allowing it to maintain all its nutritional qualities and keep freshness up to 12months. The juice is 100% natural with no added water or sugar or any other additive.

We are proud of our hundreds years tradition in apple production. Apples are considered our treasure and heritage passed from generation to generation. Our orchards are is constantly growing and strengthening our position on the international market.

You can meet us and get a sample of our products in person during EXPO events around the world. So far we've presented our offer during events in China (Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai), Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and UAE.

Our team at RBHK Expo, September 2018: 

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Please contact us through the website (Contact us) or our email (leifood@leifood.com) if you are interested in arranging a meeting or learning more about the products we offer, we will be happy to tell you more about our company and how we can meet your business needs. Thank you for your interest!