Penne Rigate All'uovo

Prepared solely from natural ingredients of the highest quality – Italian durum wheat and 6 eggs per each kilogram. These proportions are a secret behind their beautiful sunny colour recalling a warm Italian day.

Product and packaging information:

Serving weight: 100g

Servings per carton: 30

Packaging weight: 3kg

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The quality of production has a crucial role at our company. We ensure the highest production standards based on HACCP principles on a daily basis. Our products are diversified, and the process of their weighting is precisely controlled. We analyse individual parameters specific for each group of our pastas and ensure repeatability of our measurement results. At the same time, each piece of pasta manually created at our factory is absolutely exceptional – come la pasta fatta in casa!

As production of pasta fresca is a multi-stage process, we understand the importance of measuring of each component, as well as of each movement of hands and its synchronisation with machine work, to ensure the highest possible repeatability. Unit weights of products, serving and cooked weights provided in our catalogue were averaged. In each group, the products are presented from the smallest, narrowest or shortest ribbons to those most impressive in our range. In the restaurant world, the food cost is one of the basic guidelines and in our opinion, the provided parameters will be useful in your daily work.