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Trendy Lunch Hulled Barley, Bulgur & Green Lentils

Trendy Lunch with barley, bulgur and green lentils is an unusual combination of grains, which is a perfect complement to the diet. 

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Net weight: 4x100g

Manufactured in EU.

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Trendy Lunch - Hulled Barley, Bulgur & Green Lentils

Ingredients: pearl barley 50%, bulgur (durum wheat) 30%, green lentils 20%.

Green lentils present in the mixture contain a lot of protein, which may be an alternative to protein of animal origin. It is also a very rich source of potassium important for the heart and folic acid needed during pregnancy.Another component of Lunch Trends is Bulgur, which is nutritious and can successfully replace rice, potatoes or pasta. Bulgur's glycemic index is 46, so it can be consumed by people with diabetes.The barley has also been added to the mixture because it contains nutrients valuable for the body.The barley from which the pearl barley is produced is the source of niacin, which is responsible for regulating the level of cholesterol in the blood, moreover it contains fiber, which supports digestive processes.Trendy Lunch is a great idea for an original and quick meal. After cooking, just add your favorite spices, so prepared mix can be taken to work, school and eat as lunch during the day. Of course, Trendy Lunch is also perfect as an addition to salads, meat or fish dishes, chops, stuffing.